Multi-Purpose Platforms

Multi-Purpose Platforms

Multi-Purpose Self-Elevating Vessels 

Amidst a rapidly changing global environment, there has been rising demand for renewable energy. Keppel LeTourneau has likewise seen an increased interest in well service vessels and vessels for windfarm installation and servicing. 

Backed by our 60-year engineering experience, we have responded to the offshore renewable energy industry’s needs by designing multi-purpose self-elevating vessels: 

MP-1000R-SD (Shallow Draft)

1500 Series

2500 Series 

4000 Series 

Check out how our 4000 Series Feeder Vessel provides support for the installation of a 12 MW wind turbine!


MP-1000R-SD (Shallow Draft) 1500 Series 2500 Series 4000 Series

For more information on our multi-purpose self-elevating vessels, please download our brochure or consult our team for further customization to suit your requirements:

SparePartsUSA – Account Management, USA

Sibie Alex, UAE Sales Manager
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