Boom Limits

Boom Limits


LeTourneau PCM-SS cranes

Designed for easy installation, Keppel LeTourneau’s new boom limits package is the ideal upgrade for all LeTourneau PCM-SS cranes.

Human Machine InterfaceHuman Machine Interface
The user-friendliness of the Human Machine Interface allows crane operators easy access.

The package comes with a 10" touchscreen that allows crane operators to set user defined operational limits to ensure conformance with crane specific load charts. Using configurations, such as “Boom Slow Raise Angle Set point” and “Boom Raise Limit Approach Warning Angle Set point”, crane specialists are able to maneuver the crane’s boom precisely and safely.

The upgrade package also allows for a more reliable monitoring of the boom’s OEM specified safety limits (minimum lower and maximum raise). The ‘maximum raise machine’ limit is equipped with an extra layer of sensors and targets to mitigate safe raise limits from being exceeded.

NAMUR Proximity Sensor

NAMUR proximity sensors offer a failsafe method to catch any lapses in the motion limiting system of crane booms.

The NAMUR proximity sensors in a 1oo2D architecture provides a failsafe boom limits detection and circuits diagnostics. 1oo2D stands for one out of two voting with diagnostic, which means that only one of the two boom-mounted targets needs to be sensed to activate the limit and halt boom motion. In addition, the NAMUR sensors operate at predetermined low current values, thereby allowing continuous circuit monitoring for line faults and sensor failure.

Warning Beacon

The Boom Limits Upgrade Package has been successfully installed and operated on several of our customers’ rigs. 

For more information on the upgrade package, please download our brochure or consult our team to discuss how we can help you operate your rigs safer and more efficiently:

SparePartsUSA – Account Management, USA

Alex Sibie, Sales Manager, Dubai

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