PCM-350 Crane 

Weighing 116 tonnes, the PCM-350 electric deck crane is powered by a DC driven electric motor and incorporates all the failproof components of LeTourneau-built cranes.  

Crane Chart


Hoist Capacity 

Main Hoist (6-part):

Onboard 150,000 lbs @ 55ft. (68.0 tonnes @ 16.8m)

Offboard 150,000 lbs @ 30ft. (68.0 tonnes @ 9.1m)

Main Hoist (4-part):

Onboard 108,570 lbs @ 75ft. (49.2 tonnes @ 22.9m)

Offboard 108,570 lbs @ 75 ft. (49.2 tonnes @ 22.9m)

Main Hoist (2-part):

Onboard 53,400 lbs @ 125ft. (24.2 tonnes @ 38.1m)

Offboard 53,400 lbs @ 120 ft. (24.2 tonnes @ 36.6m)

Auxiliary Hoist:

Onboard 27,680 lbs @ 135 ft. (12.6 tonnes @ 41.1m) 

Offboard 27,680 lbs @ 65 ft. (12.6 tonnes @ 15.2m) 

Personnel 9,130 lbs @ 135 ft. (4.1 tonnes @ 41.1m)

*Load chart examples may vary depending on crane configuration and environmental conditions. 



Overall width 17.5 ft. (5.3m) 

Overall tail swing 19 ft. (5.7m)

Boom Length (Standard) 124 ft. (37.6m)

Crane with 140 ft. Boom 256,000 lbs. (116 tonnes)


  • Kingpost structure with replaceable swing gear
  • High lift weights with compact tail-swing radius
  • Electric drives offer safe and fast operations with low emissions 
  • Triple redundant braking system for personnel lifting 



For more information on the PCM-350 crane, please download our brochure or consult our team for further customization to suit your requirements: 

SparePartsUSA – Account Management, USA

Alex Sibie, Sales Manager, Dubai

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